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Donkeyfire is a Mozilla Firefox extension that helps integrate MLDonkey into your browser. After configuring it, you will see a new element in your Status Bar, showing your MLDonkey's download's progress.

You can obtain support via our exclusive #donkeyfire channel at the Buanzo IRC Network. Just /server to!

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I've just released version 0.3.6 of donkeyfire, the MLDonkey Firefox Extension.

It adds a couple of new features and fixes some bugs. The previous version was reviewed by John Ford from AMO, and I've taken his comments into account.

The most noticeable new feature is "Ignore Paused Transfers" option. With this, the progress-bar will only take running transfers into account (running doesn't mean 'with a greater-than-zero transfer rate', just not-paused). Also, if the MLDonkey server URL is incorrect or inaccesible, it will show a message in the statusbar stating so.

Now I need a couple of reviews... so, if anyone has a moment, I'd really apreciate it. With reviews, I can nominate DonkeyFire to become PUBLIC in ;)

Just click here to add your review (You need an AMO account!)


This is a work in progress. If you have any ideas, feedback, or just want to hang out with other users, visit the official forum: Donkeyfire's Official Forum

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